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Now it is possible to provide FREE HIGHER EDUCATION to all 21 million students in the USA.  This is a PROPOSAL by me . Please comment .

1.-         Now best 100 universities of USA have set up a NATIONAL UNIVERSITY .

2.-        This 100 universities , including, Harvard, MIT, Stanford , Berkeley, Caltech, Princeton
             have set up a consortium to provide free education to whole USA.
             They will select all 100 member universities .

3.-        Federal Government  will provide funds of $ 1 BILLION FOR 5 YEARS to National
            Federal Government will collect $ 5 billion in 5 years from 51 states,
            proportionally with their population .

4.-        National University will investigate and decide 10,000 ONLINE courses to be
            developed  by these 100 universities . Cost of development of each course will be $
            500,000  .
            Half of this will be paid to the university at the time of order, half will be paid at delivery 
            of  course to National University ' s Platfrom .

5.-        National University will decide what kinds of Degree Programs it will offer to USA
            Students .

6.-        Students will register with National University with the intention of obtaining a degree of
            AA and BA.
            All courses are completely free.
            Only a small fee be collected from students when they take final exams.

7.-       Upon registration by Internet , students will be assigned an advisor . Students with 
           advisor  will set up a degree programs which is  20 courses for AA degre, and 40
           courses for BA degree.

8.-       All courses can be from any of the 100 universities within the consortium. Consortium
           universities will provide all necessary online courses in perfect conditions, best in the
           world, do very strict final examination and at the end will provide to successful students
           a certificate of mastering of  the course.

9.-      National University will provide 3 credits for every certificates taken from member   
          universities .

10.-   When students complete 20 courses with 3 credits each , decided by advisors, students
          will be awarded an   AA DEGREE OF NATIONAL UNIVERSITY .
          when students complete 40 courses with 3 credits each students
          will be awarded   a BA DEGREE OF NATIONAL UNIVERSITY .
          On each degree the name of the universities and courses taken from that university
          will be written .

11.-    Any college in the USA can accept the credits of NATIONAL UNIVERSTY so that tuition
          of the college is decreased by 10 % for each course transferred from National
          University since it is free .

12.-   The cost of running  online courses at the National University platform, such as
          platform cost, revisions, maintenance of the course, any tutors program , will be paid by
         States to the National University proportionally with their population . This may be around  
         $ 10 per year per student.

13.-   It is foreseen that most colleges in the USA will be closed within 5-10 years due to free
         HIGHER EDUCATION  by National University . States may sell the land and buildings,
         private sectors can liquidate its assets as appropriate . But they are free to stay open if
         they can afford to run the school .

14.-   The burden Federal Government for this project is

          $ 5,000,000,000  /  21,000,000  students  =   $ 238  per student .  Only once.
          Then a small fee of around $ 10 per student for running the university can be paid by
           States to National University.
           Running cost of National University will be paid by 100 member universities


Before starting whole project a pilot run is recommended .

1.-     Let  Education Secretary  ask a pilot for only a  BA Degree in Business from edx .
2.-     Let EDX create at least 50 online courses related to a degree of Business
         Administration from its member universities . Already they have some courses .
3.-     Let ES endorse this program so that people will have confidense in the program .
4.-     Let students register, complete successfully 40 courses related to Business
         Administration completely free  then let EDX provide  A BA  DEGREE IN BUSINESS
5.-     If this program of degree providing free is successful, then we can go to second stage,
         Federal Government start action for the above big project .

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